Baby Care Games

Some parents buy baby food and others do it at home. Some parents switch between both types of food. Whatever you decide, choose foods that contribute to your baby’s healthy, well-balanced diet. The time to start giving your baby food will depend on how well your baby develops because each child is different. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants who are breastfed should only breast feed for the first 6 months of life and continue to be fed into their diet for up to 12 months. But some babies may be ready to start certain solid foods (foods that are neither breast milk nor formula) between 4 and 6 months of life. Be aware of certain signs (signs of development) that will help you know when your baby is ready for solid foods.

Homemade baby foodVentages Homemade food is less expensive than purchased. It is better for the environment. You can control the ingredients (avoid preservatives, added salt or sugar and foods that can cause allergic reactions). You can help the baby get used to meals that his family eats regularly. Disadvantages It takes time to prepare and cook homemade baby food. It is less convenient than baby food purchased and ready. Care should be taken to prepare home-made food carefully. Baby food purchased Advantages It is made under strict safety guidelines It is convenient and can be carried everywhere There are many varieties of baby food No preparation is needed; is ready to use Disadvantages It can be more costly than making your own homemade baby food Sometimes it is less healthy (baby desserts or foods with added sugar, salt); Be sure to read the label Preparing food for the condimenteSea bebéNo you give your baby homemade or purchased food, avoid adding unhealthy condiments (salt, butter, oil, cream or sugar). Although baby food seems to have no taste, the baby will discover that the natural flavors are stimulating.

By preventing your baby from ingesting extra salt and sugar, you can also help him learn healthy eating habits. It is important to eat healthily throughout your life.You do not need to prepare a separate menu for your baby. Cook food for the whole family and separate one serving before adding seasoning. Make the baby food with the unheated portion.Fresh vegetables and fresh vegetables Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. These elements are important for your baby’s development. When Choosing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Examine them carefully. Do not use if bruised or damaged. Thoroughly wash all fresh fruits and vegetables with water before cooking. Even shelled fruits and vegetables should be washed. Bacteria can be lodged in the shell and enter the food when cut or prepared. Try brushing fruits and vegetables with a brush that is used only to wash food products. Dry them with a paper towel or clean kitchen towel after washing them. Remove pits, seeds and peel before using. The baby could choke on them. Cook all vegetables and most fruits thoroughly.

That helps your baby digest better. No need to cook avocados and fruits like bananas, plums, ripe papaya, peaches and apricots. Use fresh foods within a day or two after you buy them. Fresh fruits and vegetables begin to lose their vitamins and minerals over time. If you do not find fresh fruit or vegetables, try the frozen or canned. Read labels to make sure they do not have added sugar or sal.Evite the nitratosLos Nitrates are chemicals that are sometimes found in water (usually well water) and on earth. Nitrates can cause a blood disease called methemoglobinemia (type of anemia) or “blue baby” syndrome. While it is not common, babies less than 6 months old can become sick if they eat foods with nitrates nitratos.Los can spoil certain fresh vegetables such as beans (green beans or green beans), carrots, squash, beets (beet) or spinach. (In the food purchased baby having these vegetables and checks food safety are made.) You can use those fresh vegetables to make homemade meals for baby always follow these safety steps: Do not give beans, carrots, pumpkins, beets or spinach if your baby is less than 6 months old Use small portions Avoid giving the baby if those vegetables were refrigerated for more than 24 hours do not use these vegetables to make homemade juice (such as carrot juice)

Let’s play James Bond

In a short time we can play James Bond with our friends. The company Zion Eyez, created special glasses that called “social glasses” and promoted it through Kick Starter, a website that owes its popularity for presenting promising technological projects.

They have the appearance of a sunglass that in no way differs from the common ones but which transmits through social networks everything that the eye of the one who is using them can see.

These glasses consist of a 720p camera (one thousand two hundred eighty by seven hundred and twenty pixels) mounted on the front of the frame of the glasses. They have a high definition and is called EYEZ, an 8GB flash memory and a micro USB port are located on one of the pins of the same. On the other mounted a rechargeable battery.

Later, its creators plan to connect it to a mobile phone equipped with the jOS or Android operations.

The frame that does not differentiate to the standard design allows to interchange the lenses and to place them in prescription glasses.

It will go on sale at an estimated price of one hundred and fifty euros.

It is very likely to be a real boom in a short time. At least that’s what its creators expect. I, I wait for the moment to buy them.

A 14-year-old boy famous for his mobile game

I definitely believe that success has no age, no place, no predetermined dates, as it can occur anywhere, at any age, at any time and to any person who seeks it or who is in the right place at the right time.

Success is very much like business, the best businesses tend to fill an unmet need, just like success, which tends to fill an existing gap.

This is the case of Robert, a boy of 14 years who with his game or application for mobile called Bubble ball, has overcome applications developed by companies and with high costs of strategy and development in general, for example to surpassed the famous angrybirds that was perhaps too commented on places as prestigious as techcrunch and others.

Robert developed his game because the games he had for his iPod touch were not able to satisfy him as he wanted, so his friend told him why he did not do the same his own games, which he ignored, helped by his mother .

In many articles we have already commented that the world of mobile applications has great potential and that it is becoming easier to develop such applications with specialized programs aimed at non-programmers.

If a 14 year old child was able to achieve this success commented, then why can not you do it too?

I think it is not a question of genius, but of dare to take the first step, dare to do it, and work until you finish what one proposes, helped by the motivation and taste for what is

What is the Bingo game?

Bingo is a game that involves a large number of people who usually play in bingo halls or other places. To play it you have to buy some 5 x 5 grid cards that have 25 the total number of them. Each section of the network has a number that is usually combined with the cards which run at the top of the grid. In the bingo there is a person who is in charge of mentioning the numbers of the balls that are withdrawing from a basket. Players mark their spaces if they have the letter or number on their bingo card. The goal of bingo is to be the first to get five numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. When a person reaches the five numbers, he or she yells “Bingo” and can be rewarded with prizes, money, or simply with the satisfaction of winning.

Bingo can be a child’s play, but it is much more common to use it as a betting game where you are looking to make money for charities. People often purchase more than one network card for each bingo game in order to increase their chances of winning. In this context, winners often receive money if they are the first to get a bingo.

Since bingo is a popular game, there are now numerous sites where you can play bingo online with some variations of the game. These games can include automated functions, to mark the cards when the numbers are displayed on the screen.

Bingo games exist since the 16th century, and have also led to lottery. Unlike bingo, lottery numbers do not have to form a line on any type of network so people can win. Most lottery players win by simply having all the lottery draw numbers.

Within the bingo games there is another definition. In Scrabble ™ when a player is able to use all seven chips in a single word, he has scored a bingo. Finding a bingo and being able to play scrabble games significantly increases the score, as each bingo gives an additional fifty points.

Babysitting Games

Handling a Children’s GardenIn this game you have to manage a kindergarten, that is, take care of little babies. You start with one and if you do well you get more babies to care for. With the money earned you must arrange the interior and exterior of the place. Eventually the kindergarten will begin to grow more and more.Keep the happy babies by meeting their needs as quickly as possible. Babysitter Kit Babysitter Take the role of nanny. You have to take care of the babies and take care of their needs while their parents leave them in you. Baby Twin Dress Up These two little babies are twin brothers and they are very cute and friendly. They like to play together all day and also love to make new friends to play with them. on the otherhand you can also play baby shower games while you are at your friends baby shower.

Would you like to be his friend? Play this dress up game for these cute baby twins! Take a look at your wardrobe quite a bit. They have lots of clothes there! Dress them as nice as possible. Choose the clothes you like best and a cute little toy to play! Enjoy! Baby Care is Baby ContentedWhen the baby starts to cry, moving to the station is shown in the thought bubble above his head. When you do with the station, you return to bed. Be very careful of babies to keep them all happy! Manage Baby Care Game Manage a busy baby care place. Pick up the babies that come across the deck, lay on beds and see what they need.Capacity to Care for Little BabiesIn this game you will take care of a nice baby. You have to play with the baby, feed her, bathe her and much more. If you click on the pregnancy, you can see if you are healthy and happy. You can make money by taking care of the baby.

With the money you can buy new things for the BABT. This way you can make your baby the happiest child on the planet! At level two and up there are more babies to take care of. I’m sure you can handle this job, too.Game to Take Care and Please Baby In this game you have to take care of a sweet child. This baby is playing in the garden. Let the child play with the puppy, allowed him to sleep if he is tired, give him food when he is hungry, give him a shower when he is dirty, etc. Click on the baby to see if he is happy and healthy. You can make money if you take good care of your child. With the money you can buy new things for the baby and flowers for the garden. So this boy is the happiest baby in the world. There are three levels in this game. At level two and up there are more babies to look after, but I’m sure you can handle this job too. And many more, come to our website and enjoy these exciting baby-care games.