Let’s play James Bond

In a short time we can play James Bond with our friends. The company Zion Eyez, created special glasses that called “social glasses” and promoted it through Kick Starter, a website that owes its popularity for presenting promising technological projects.

They have the appearance of a sunglass that in no way differs from the common ones but which transmits through social networks everything that the eye of the one who is using them can see.

These glasses consist of a 720p camera (one thousand two hundred eighty by seven hundred and twenty pixels) mounted on the front of the frame of the glasses. They have a high definition and is called EYEZ, an 8GB flash memory and a micro USB port are located on one of the pins of the same. On the other mounted a rechargeable battery.

Later, its creators plan to connect it to a mobile phone equipped with the jOS or Android operations.

The frame that does not differentiate to the standard design allows to interchange the lenses and to place them in prescription glasses.

It will go on sale at an estimated price of one hundred and fifty euros.

It is very likely to be a real boom in a short time. At least that’s what its creators expect. I, I wait for the moment to buy them.

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