A 14-year-old boy famous for his mobile game

I definitely believe that success has no age, no place, no predetermined dates, as it can occur anywhere, at any age, at any time and to any person who seeks it or who is in the right place at the right time.

Success is very much like business, the best businesses tend to fill an unmet need, just like success, which tends to fill an existing gap.

This is the case of Robert, a boy of 14 years who with his game or application for mobile called Bubble ball, has overcome applications developed by companies and with high costs of strategy and development in general, for example to surpassed the famous angrybirds that was perhaps too commented on places as prestigious as techcrunch and others.

Robert developed his game because the games he had for his iPod touch were not able to satisfy him as he wanted, so his friend told him why he did not do the same his own games, which he ignored, helped by his mother .

In many articles we have already commented that the world of mobile applications has great potential and that it is becoming easier to develop such applications with specialized programs aimed at non-programmers.

If a 14 year old child was able to achieve this success commented, then why can not you do it too?

I think it is not a question of genius, but of dare to take the first step, dare to do it, and work until you finish what one proposes, helped by the motivation and taste for what is

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